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canada goose jacket outfit 8869eg

Jen Aniston Finds Insipiration in Barbra Streisand—In Many Ways

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Barbra Streisand & Jennifer Aniston at last night’s ELLE Women in Hollywood Awards. Photo: Getty Images Last night, ELLE toasted the winners of our Women in Hollywood awards at the Four Seasons in LA. Joel McHale played host foekjedillema , and the intimate setting invited one heartfelt speech after another. While Viola Davis’ speech had the crowd on its feet, Jennifer Aniston’s had stars like Jon Hamm Canada Goose uk sale , Amber Heard and Evan Rachel Wood rolling in the aisles.In our behind thescenes video—which you should watch: Lizzie Olsen sings! Barbra quotes Jerry Maguire (and wears a dress from Funny Girl)! Naomi Watts gets Hitchcockian!—Aniston admits to finding endless inspiration in Streisand’s many on screen performances. Meanwhile, Streisand mentions she’s always wanted to play Sarah Bernhartdt, which explains the curly haired wig she sports in the video. “Think I should take it off,” she asks the camera man? “I think it’s interesting!”Aniston hopped on stage to applaud Barbra and said if she had half as much courage as the legend she’d take out all of her own hair extensions and line them up on stage. It looked like she really thought about it for a moment before saying, “But they’re all taped in!”Click here to watch the video! (And here, for all the red carpet pics!)

Jen Aniston Finds Insipiration in Barbra Streisand—In Many Ways

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